Drupal vs WordPress: Which one is right for you?

Here at Raised Eyebrow, while we have experimented with dozens of Content Management Systems (CMS's), these days we mostly build websites using either Drupal or WordPress.

Why these two CMS's, of the thousands of content management systems available? Both CMS's share several key qualities:

Contribute to the Community? Yes You Can!

I'd been a little skeptical about the idea that anyone can contribute to the Open Source community by giving a little help now and again. This skepticism came from the flaming given for asking 'newbie' questions, asking a question in the wrong room or from suffering the raging ego of a well seasoned and highly adored contributor. Today however, I feel much more positive about my ability to give back to Drupal and the Open Source community, and it all came from a simple (or maybe not so simple) thank you. Here's the story:

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