Raised Eyebrow's knowledge of web strategy (including social media and online giving) and precise insights into the analytical aspects of measuring our on-line success has made them wonderful collaborators.

Michelle Clausius
Covenant House Vancouver

Raised Eyebrow’s integrated approach to online communications puts your organization’s priorities, goals and resources front & centre. We believe the tools must always serve your overall strategy, and the right mix of social media channels for you may look quite different from what others are doing.

Our experts in strategic online communication will sit down with you to craft a toolkit that’s tailored to your unique mission, the communities you want to reach, and the resources you have available. We’ll help you focus your efforts where they can be most effective, make the best possible use of your staff time and budget, and respond to new tools and technologies as they become available, by providing you with a framework for evaluating and prioritizing them. Think of us as the experts in your corner, here to facilitate your discussions about what stories you should be telling and how you’ll distribute them, to ensure the greatest impact.

In short, we will help you answer questions like:

  • What social media tools are right for us?
  • How can we contribute meaningfully to online conversations without adding to people’s information overload?
  • What staff support do we need to communicate effectively with our constituents?
  • Could crowdsourcing, mobile apps, and/or online knowledge sharing tools helps us achieve our mission more effectively?
  • What does a realistic, achievable and effective social media communications calendar look like?
  • How do we measure the success of our online community-building efforts?

If you’d like some help answering these questions for your organization, get in touch. We’d love to help you increase your organization’s impact.