They are always up to date on the latest standards, and always take the time to share their expertise with our own staff, helping us stay current with processes, codes and best practices. We use their code as the standard for how we like to get files from all external web studios.

Hilary Horlock
Provincial Health Services Authority

Whether you’ve got ambitious needs for the Content Management System you want to use, or you simply want a more efficient way for non-technical staff or volunteers to keep your website up to date, we’ve got you covered.

Selecting Your CMS

Implementing a reliable and useful CMS is about more than just understanding code. Our expertise comes in both a deep understanding of the CMSs we choose to work with and, more specifically, how your particular website will function for its primary users — namely, your core audience(s) and your organization. Our development process builds on the foundation established by our information architecture process and the development of a functional plan for your website.

Depending on your priorities - automatic cross-posting of content, an ability to register users & manage profiles, workflow to manage multiple authors and editors posting content, post-dated publishing and archiving of content, and so on - we will select the CMS that works best and tailor it to suit you. If you have specific needs that a regular Drupal or WordPress install cannot meet, we can work with you to customize either of these CMS’s.

Building Your Internal Capacity

We’re firm believers in empowering our clients and increasing your internal staff & volunteer capacity, by training your team on how to use your CMS to maintain site content and manage any special features we build for you. One of the many benefits of this approach is that in addition to making your website updates more efficient, it also reduces your reliance on external vendors. Training sessions include a custom-tailored online manual that your team can access 24/7 from any web browser, and phone and email support.

We are also experienced in extending an existing CMS platform, so if you are currently using WordPress or Drupal and need to upgrade and expand its functionality, we can help with that.

Advanced and Customized Solutions

From multi-site installations to complex, custom configurations, custom Drupal module development and advanced WordPress custom content types, our development team has the expertise and experience to push your CMS well beyond its out-of-the-box functionality. For examples of some of the work we’ve done, please visit our Case Studies section.

Web Standards & Accessibility

Every website we build starts with hand-coded HTML and CSS files. We’re sticklers for web standards, accessibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in all of the code we write. To learn more about what that is and why we’re so passionate about it, please read our Accessibility and SEO section.