Information Architecture & Functional Planning

The Modernist design axiom, “Form follows function,” is one of our guiding principles at Raised Eyebrow. No matter how beautiful a web site might look, it isn’t worth much if your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for and accomplish what they came to do.

Interface Design

Here at Raised Eyebrow, we are profoundly inspired by our clients. Some are changing the face of healthcare; some are creating things of beauty; others are working towards making the world a more equitable place for us all to inhabit. Your work deserves to be presented in a package that honours it. That’s where our interface design services come in.

Drupal & WordPress Development

Raised Eyebrow’s in-house expertise in open-source Content Management Systems provides our clients with websites that are easily maintained, improve their online fundraising abilities, support online advocacy campaigns and help them build online communities. We specialize in configuring, customizing and extending Drupal and WordPress.

Social Media Consulting

It’s always easy to be blinded by the sparkle of the latest technology tools – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like are all powerful, but they are only effective when they are employed as part of a concerted, comprehensive effort to bring your online communications in line with your organizational mission.

Accessibility & SEO Consulting

When we talk about accessible web sites, we’re really talking about making sure your web site can be used easily and thoroughly by two rather different audiences: people with disabilities, and search engines.

Ongoing Support

Launch day for your new website is really just the beginning of its lifespan. While our training and documentation services empower your staff to take care of day-to-day site maintenance, we offer a range of ongoing support packages that ensure your site continues to perform well both technically and strategically.