Speaking Engagements

Emira, Colin and the rest of our team are available for a variety of speaking engagements, from keynotes to interactive seminars. They design their talks to address the needs of your event. Past speaking topics include:

  • Collaborating for Success: Engaging Multiple Stakeholders in a Design & Development Project
  • Measuring Success When Profits Are Not the Bottom Line
  • Using the Social Web for Social Change
  • Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Nonprofits and Small Businesses
  • Wired-World Partnerships: The next generation of nonprofit-government collaboration
    From Inception to Launch, Achieve Beautiful Drupal Sites with Less Effort


Our webinar series explores key subject matter in bite-sized pieces, and are open to anyone. (Registration is free.) Past topics include:

Your webinars & approach are so clear-sighted, lucid, and practical. Thanks for producing them & letting us take part.

Yukie Kurahashi
Health Sciences Association of BC


Our custom-designed workshops engage your team through thoughtful facilitation and an inquiry-based approach. Although the subject matter varies widely, our specialty is in connecting participants to the topic through both theory (knowledge sharing) and practice (hands-on exercises).

Some of our recent workshops have covered:

Most organic workshop so far… People are still talking about it hours later.

Anonymous workshop attendee
SXSW Interactive
  • Social Media for Board Members
  • Are You Web Ready? Key Learnings in Working Online for Change
  • The Social Web for Skeptics
  • Social Media Myths: Separating the wheat from the chaff so your social enterprise can rock the social web
  • Shaping Your Digital Footprint: How to create a personal and professional social media strategy that's consistent with your values.

Booking Inquiries

Contact Sherri Maunsell sherri [at] raisedeyebrow.com, or call (604) 684.2498.