Out With the Old

You folks have been really great to work with on the relaunch of our website. High 'wow' factor around here.

Mike Old

With such a broad member base, it's a challenge to design a usable site that makes it easy for visitors to find what they need within a few clicks. The previous HEU site had relied on microsites for active campaigns (such as their Living Wage campaign), which ended up driving traffic away from their main site - and it lacked the number one most-requested site feature: an easy way for members to locate their collective agreements.

In With the New

We rectified both of these challenges, and migrated the site out of a proprietary CMS and into Drupal, which made the editing process significantly simpler and faster, thereby lightening the demand on staff resources.

The new Campaigns & Issues section offers HEU's site editors a simple way to deploy new campaigns, right within the HEU.org website. Email action tools and petitions can be added to campaigns on the fly, with no special technical or coding knowledge required.

Measuring Success

One of the key goals for the new website was to increase the speed and efficiency with which staff could add and edit content; their old CMS was sluggish, so robust CMS performance was a must. In the process of migrating to Drupal, we managed the migration of thousands of pages of content from the old site to the new one.

On a more qualitative note, we were delighted when HEU.org was named Best Website at the 2011 CUPE Communications Awards, which recognizes excellence in labour communications.

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