After evaluating a number of firms we selected Raised Eyebrow because of their strong focus on a systematic website design process. They didn't disappoint. They carefully guided us through all the stages of website creation, from considerations of purpose and audience to defining functionality to look-and-feel issues. We had some complex functional needs, and they were able to build everything we wanted within Drupal. The launch was smooth, and they've been great about ongoing support. We will use Raised Eyebrow for future projects, and we strongly recommend them as a website design firm.

Gordon Coleman

The web is also the primary way that e-HLbc manages access to different types of members to their various resources; in that way, their website is both the public face and a key administrative tool for the organization.

Out With the Old

e-HLbc came to Raised Eyebrow with an out-of-date website that lacked several key functional elements they needed in order to effectively administer their site. Their goal was to develop a new site in Drupal that would be easier for members to use, while also easing the day-to-day management of members and resources for the organization itself. They also wanted to expand the website to allow working groups to collaborate effectively online.

In With the New

Raised Eyebrow’s lead developer, Colin Calnan, worked very closely with the e-HLbc team to architect the site to integrate the database and reporting needs of the organization itself, while also ensuring the site would be a useful and easy to access tool for their members. Their new site incorporates custom databases for e-HLbc’s various resources, generates the reports required by administrative staff, and enables team collaboration through the use of the Groups module in Drupal and email listserv integration.

We are continuing to work with e-HLbc on a retainer basis to maintain and support their custom Drupal installation.

Measuring Success

e-HLBC needed an updated look and feel for the website that more clearly addressed the information gathering needs of e-HLbc’s various audiences - both public audiences and organizational members. The site also needed to be able to fulfill some very detailed customized database and reporting requirements, which have all been elegantly engineered into Drupal by our development team. Adherence to best practices for coding and accessibility standards were also important aspects of the project for the whole team.

Services provided: