Out With the Old

The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS engaged Raised Eyebrow to assist with the compete redesign of our website. Our vision was to have an updated website that reflected the scope of our work. Raised Eyebrow not only delivered a design that met our vision and needs, their efficient process helped us engage multiple stakeholders so that we now have a website that reflects our organization as a whole, and that has remained flexible and adaptable to our needs over time. Of critical importance to us, was to have a design team that could work with our staff, listen to our concerns and suggestions and be approachable. We were immensely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them.

Irene Day
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Their old website was static, bland, and difficult to maintain - a poor representation of a dynamic and vibrant organization working on the cutting edge of science and public policy. The redesign project set out to create an online space that made visitors to the website feel engaged, welcomed and empowered, and that would inspire pride and curiosity.

In With the New

Raised Eyebrow designed and built a new website based on the Drupal CMS; it contains a large publications library of both medical journal articles and documents produced by the Centre for health professionals, an events calendar, a news release manager and integrated video/multimedia content. The new site supports the Centre's social media plan and helps convey a sense of the dynamic work that the Centre undertakes, while providing their in-house communications staff with an easy interface for updating and maintaining content.

Measuring Success

The success metrics for this project included lowering bounce rates and increased traffic to the site via search keywords related to individual researchers at the Centre for Excellence. We addressed the latter by creating landing pages for each team member, linking to recent publications and media coverage (and integrating these pages into the overall site navigation). Because the Centre for Excellence's program priorities are constantly shifting, we designed their site to allow for great flexibility in featuring new and noteworthy initiatives on the home page and elsewhere.

Services provided:

The Ongoing Story

Since launching the new Centre for Excellence website in 2010, Raised Eyebrow has continued to work with the Centre on a variety of projects, including the development of an online Community of Practice for the STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project that allows healthcare practitioners from around the province to share ideas, resources and questions with each other in a secure and private environment.