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  • Integrating Bilingualism in a Mobile Menu

    September 17, 2013 Comments

    Here in Canada many organizations have English and French versions of their website. Making sure that their language options are easily available to users can get tricky in a mobile environment. There's limited space and those of us who have big clumsy fingers (me!) demand big, easy to press buttons. So what's the best way to integrate a bilingual option?

  • Sliders: Not the promised land

    August 2, 2013 Comments

    I was recently given my own 'Hunger Games' style nickname at the office: The Girl Who Hates Sliders. (Don't worry, nicknames and competition for the last cookie is the closest our office gets to a dystopian novel.)


    Our clients often ask for sliders and I don't blame them. When I first started web design I thought they were a miracle solution. Here's what people think they're getting:

    • Expanded room for content - why make decisions, there's room for everything!
    • Modern looking - they're sleek and all my favourite websites have them
    • Interactive and dynamic - they spice up a boring page


  • Forms Users Will Actually Fill Out

    June 27, 2013 Comments


    Making a great form can be the difference between your users completing the sign-up process and bailing out half-way through. It doesn't matter if the ultimate goal is signing up a new user, collecting information, or completing a purchase. If your user can't or won't complete a task because of a poorly designed form, your site isn't effective.

    Condense wherever possible. Amazon, an innovator in functional site design, incorporates login and and sign-up into one simple form with no extra lines. When a user goes to do either of these two functions, they're not visually overwhelmed by multiple boxes and multiple forms. They don't have to think about which fields are meant for them to fill out. It's clean and it's simple. 


  • What can you embed with Oembed?

    June 11, 2013 Comments

    Oembed is a handy tool that we often recommend to clients. It allows you to simply and efficiently enter multimedia material, like photos and videos, on to your Drupal and WordPress site.

    Not every piece of content can be embedded using Oembed. Here are the ones that work:


    (from the Wordpress Codex)