A Reflection on 3 years at Raised Eyebrow

After three years, one month and two days, today was my last day at Raised Eyebrow. How time flies!

One of the final things I did before I left the office for the last time today was delete my work-related Last Pass account (for those of you unfamiliar with Last Pass, please see our post on online security here). BUT - I have to admit I went a bit rogue and recorded my login credentials for the Raised Eyebrow website so I could write this last post. I promise to delete them as soon as I hit publish!

Summing up my time at Raised Eyebrow is a daunting task. To say it's been an incredible learning experience, an awesome adventure and a humbling lesson in the power of social good doesn't do it justice. Quite simply, it's been the highlight of my career to date and I've grown both professionally and a personally as a result of my time here. I've learned so much from everyone I've worked with - both colleagues and clients - and consider myself lucky to have been part of such an amazingly talented team.

So thank you (in alphabetical order) to Anna, Chris, Cole, Colin, Emira, Jenn, Kerry, Matt, Rose and Sherri. You guys are the best and I'll miss you!