BC Candidate Lookup plugin for Citizens Connected

In anticipation of the upcoming provincial election we were looking for ways to help organizations who want to target email campaigns at electoral candidates.

In parternship with OpenNorth we inputted candidate data which then became available to us as part of the fantastic opennorth API. From that point it was just a matter of tweaking our federal mp lookup plugin to consume it.

As you can see below the user is asked for a postal code and from this information a list of candidates is generated that the user can then add to the "To:" field of their email. In this way it becomes easy to quickly let your candidates know how you stand on an issue before an election.

You can download Citizens Connected is a drupal plugin that can be downloaded here:
And our shiny new candidate lookup plugin can be found here:
We didn't get this done in time for this election but watch this space for the next one.