Announcing Hollyhock's SVI Women in Vancouver

I had the great pleasure of speaking at an event last night about Social Media for Social Good and realized when talking to someone over the evening, that there was no mention of this incredible conference on this site. So I'm here to rectify that. 


I'm thrilled and honoured to be co-presenting this event for Hollyhock here in Vancouver this May (1-3rd) with Denise Taschereau, Madeleine Shaw and Dana Solomon. Working to present this event is one of the ways that I give back to the community of incredible women leaders and business owners that have supported me along my journey as an entrepreneur, while also helping to foster and grow the success of women in business. While it may seem a bit of a divergence from working digitally -- actually getting  people together in a room! -- it is for me a natural extension of my work as a leader and as an advocate for social change. 


I've been passionate for the last 13 years about building a business that would have a positive impact on my community, both in terms of the work that we produce, but also the kind of environment Raised Eyebrow provides for staff and clients to converge and do great work. And, to let you in on a big secret, it's not always easy. Having a larger group of businessowners, in this case all women, come together to share knowledge, stories and tactics is vital to the health of my own business, not just the others who attend the event.


If you're a woman business owner, entrepreneur or leader, I'd love to have you join us at the event (note there is some space reserved for Non-Profits as well). If you want to learn more, or apply, you can learn more here.