I'm back!

Ryan and Azalea Geeroms

A year ago today, on a sunny September afternoon, my two amazing babies, Azalea and Ryan, were born at 31 weeks and 3 days gestation.  There is a higher risk of premature labour with twins, but I thought I was being cautious, planning to finish up work at the end of 32 weeks.  However, my body had other plans and those babies wanted out! 

Born after an hour and 39 minute natural birth, both babies were small (4 lbs and 3 lbs 6 ounces) but vigorous.  They spent 38 days at the NICU growing bigger so that we could take them home. 

When we brought them home the really hard work began.  Sleepless days and nights spent feeding, changing and clothing them… it was about 11 months until we had a moment to breath.  Through it all, our family was amazing, spending nearly 5 days a week helping us take care of our growing babes.  And they have grown into two amazing little people.

I'm back to work today, which has been easier than expected.  I thought perhaps the sleep deprivation would have zapped my ability to function as an adult in the workforce.  I thought maybe working would be more challenging than managing two babies.  I was wrong. Work is a total delight.  I love the people that I work with and the first day has been filled with interesting work that was a pleasant break from the usual grind (and mess) of bringing up two babies. 

I miss my babies, but they are in good hands and jeesh, momma needed a break!  Just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello again, and brag about my sweet kiddos.  Here are some snapshots of them.



And more photos on Flickr.

P.S. My new job description/title is in the works.