We use the infinitely awesome Foundation framework here at Raised Eyebrow for everything from Interactive Wireframing to creating mobile responsive sites.

We've also been using the amazing Quick Tabs Drupal module by Katherine Bailey for a few recent Drupal builds. This module comes with 3 options for rendering tabs, all of which are completely satisfactory and can be styled in whatever way you see fit. However, because we're using Foundation and want to make the most of what it does for tabs, I wrote a quick module that implements the Foundation tab framework into the Quick Tabs module. 

I have to say that it was relatively straightforward and Katherine's super clean and easy to follow code made it a breeze to understand what was going on.

You can take the module for a test drive on our Apps site, or download it from I hope to try to get it on in the near future as I have to work out a few kinks. For now this module requires that you use our Cogito theme.