RE Mailchimp Extras module on Github

This is another small module that was developed to satisfy a single requirement. In this case, the requirement was to insert data from specific Webform fields (first name, last name, email address and email opt-in only) directly to the client's Mailchimp account. The module isn't a replacement for a full-featured Mailchimp-management module, but at the time it was initially developed, no other modules we were aware of could satisfy the customer's requirement. One of the nice features of the module is that it simplifies the process of setting up the Mailchimp connection; while Mailchimp makes it easy to find the API key needed for websites to communicate with Mailchimp, it didn't used to be as easy to find the "List Id" that determines which list data is added to (it's easy now though). To simplify this, we used Mailchimp's well-developed API to allow clients to retrieve a tidy list of the List Ids associated with their accounts right in the RE Mailchimp Extras settings page. The module is currently only available in a Drupal 6 version, and you can find it at github.