Curious for a Living at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

Drupal Summit 2011 - October 14-16 I'll be in Portland next month for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, and I'm looking forward to geeking out on Drupal, open-source and web development for a couple of days in beautiful Oregon.

My session, "Curious for a Living: How asking better questions creates more loyal clients (and better online tools)" will share what I believe sets great design and coding apart from the merely good - the ability to connect with the people who are using the techie tools we develop. To become better coders and designers, we need to get better at asking the right questions and being receptive to the answers. This talk is the distillation of what I've learned in my 15 years or so of building stuff online and working with clients, and the topic is one I am deeply passionate about. I'm really excited to share it with my Drupal colleagues & hear what they have to say.