Raised Eyebrow to the Rescue

CUPE Local 79 Site ScreenshotLast week our team got to feel like superheros coming to the rescue of a longtime colleague/client with a very quick, but also very satisfying project -- who doesn't like feeling like a superhero? The call came from CUPE Local 79, a Local that represents City of Toronto workers, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Bridgepoint Hospital. The challenge: they had a media campaign and ad buy, tied to a campaign, rolling out in roughly a week and their website house was, well not exactly in order. Since the ads would be pointing people back to the website, something needed to be done to get the website up and running and looking good, pronto.

Now, I should preface all of this by saying, it's pretty rare that we have the time and resources to work on a quick turn around project like this (the first call for help came on a Friday the new site launched the following Friday), but for this project we were able to find the space. I should also say that this isn't the first time we've pulled out all the stops to help a colleague (while CUPE Local 79 had never worked with us before, the contact there had through another organization in the past), and we're always happy to do anything we can to help.

The project was a great success and by all accounts actually quite fun for our team to pull together to work on. So what made it work?

  • A good sense of priorities. They knew that the number one priority was to get a site that looked decent, had current information on it and would be easy to maintain in the long term to meet their very quick deadline (a week). This left no room for things like a design process or fancy feature development. In the end a suitable premium Wordpress theme was found and customized, and a list of must-have features was prioritized.
  • Excellent collateral. They had a logo they had recently redone and really liked. The local already had great content by way of active Twitter and Facebook accounts that could be easily integrated into the website with simple Wordpress plugins. They also had a great ad campaign/media buy with good creative that was set to roll out. Together these pieces helped inform a strong final web site.
  • Strategic thinkers in-house. Here I'm going to unabashedly toot the horn of my staff, who are, in a word: awesome. (In three words: pretty darned awesome). I should mention that this whole project happened while I was on vacation in Montreal. Lauren was here, but she had very little if anything to do with it. Our staff, lead in this case by the fantastic Anna Geeroms, are an amazing group of smart and strategic decision makers, who were able to prioritize the client's needs and goals in order to roll out a strong final site that met what the client needed efficiently, on time and on budget. Go team!