Using Droptor to better serve our Drupal clients

We work hard to streamline our processes here at Raised Eyebrow. We've come a long way since I was the sole developer and using FTP to install Drupal 4.x sites. One thing that's always been difficult to manage is ensuring that all of our Drupal sites have the most recent security updates installed. Given that fact that last year alone we launched over 30 websites and so far this year we've had 20 launches, keeping track of which sites need updates can quickly become difficult to manage. I recently posted a question to the Drupal groups site in a effort to garner some advice from the wider Drupal community on how best to keep track of what's happening with security releases on all of these websites. I received some great responses and one in particular which pointed me to the Droptor service. This is a paid service that is built on Drupal, connects to your Drupal sites and generates reports that can be extremely beneficial for determining the status of security updates as well as lots of other useful information.

Things that Droptor does:

  • Know the state of every Drupal site instantly.

    We can see at a glance what sites need updating, which sites are secure, if cron is stuck etc.

  • Know what is misconfigured right away

    If some settings are incorrect or there are SEO issue or security concerns, we'll know straight away.

  • Verify you have every patch you need

    This is vital to ensuring that the site stays as up to date as possible.

  • Know what is happening on each site

    The reports that Droptor generates are extremely helpful. I can see at a glance if a particular user is failing to login consistently and so it may be a malicious user. I can tell what pages are the most popular, the top 404 pages etc. All of these enable me to tweak the site performance and correct any errors. I can be proactive by taking action rather than just being reactive.

  • Find the bottlenecks in seconds

    This is a great help when troubleshooting performance issues with the site.

  • Use the site-wide module report to ease deployment

  • Manage Drupal updates effortlessly with the QA report

  • No setup hassle: Install Droptor in 30 seconds

    This is the ultimate selling point for Droptor. We've streamlined our process to allow us to build out a shell of a Drupal site in minutes, so having a monitoring service available in 30 seconds enhances our existing processes.

  • Droptor ensures your site doesn't get left behind

    I receive a weekly summary email which keeps me on my toes and ensures that I don't forget to check every site and can see if there are any issues that may become much bigger problems in the future. I love getting this email every week and seeing what's happening on the site.

Since using Droptor we've been able to spot problem areas such as:

  • Spam users signing up to the site
  • Missing images on every page generating 404 errors
  • Popular content pages creating excessive load on the server
  • Unsupported versions of modules running
  • Cron getting stuck

How does this benefit our clients?

The information that we are collecting from the Droptor reports means that we can be proactive in maintaining client sites and can strategize on how to leverage more value from their site.

  • We can track popular content and advise on how to drive generate more conversions from that content.
  • We can track user signups and determine how to manage signups or generate more.
  • We can see if visitors are encountering errors or missing content.
  • We can see how much content they have on their sites and make database and server adjustments as necessary.
  • We can ensure their site is secure and has the most recent module updates.

We provide this kind of pro-active maintenance and technical strategy consulting to all of our clients who work with us on retainer.