Being Curious for a Living: WordCamp Vancouver presentation

I spoke today at WordCamp Vancouver - a one-day conference for people who work with WordPress (including developers, designers and users). It was a great event, thanks to the hard work of the organizers. The presenters shared lots of very useful information on design and coding as well as about social media and web culture.

I chose to focus my 25-minute talk on what I think lies below the surface of the work we do as web designers and developers, and that's a more consultative and strategic role that we can play if we choose to (and if our clients let us).

The session was recorded on video, and I'll post that video when I get the link that video is posted below, but for now I thought I would at least share my slide deck - particularly for those in attendance who requested it.

Video from the event:

(Many thanks to Justin Carlson for recording & sharing the video.)