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The lack of user documentation for open-source projects, like Wordpress and Drupal the two Content Management Systems we develop in most frequently at Raised Eyebrow, is a known issue. While a thriving user base and a good google search can often turn up answers to questions not addressed in documentation for a development team, that's not really a viable solution for end-users, in our case clients who are simply trying to maintain and manage their websites.

Getting control of YouTube via Javascript

Recently I was trying to write a WordPress slideshow plugin that would include YouTube videos. The challenge was that when I play the video I want to pause the slide. On regular picture slides I just needed to add a click() event listener to the slide object and attach a call to pause jQueryCycle.

Being Curious for a Living: WordCamp Vancouver presentation

I spoke today at WordCamp Vancouver - a one-day conference for people who work with WordPress (including developers, designers and users). It was a great event, thanks to the hard work of the organizers. The presenters shared lots of very useful information on design and coding as well as about social media and web culture.

Drupal vs WordPress: Which one is right for you?

Here at Raised Eyebrow, while we have experimented with dozens of Content Management Systems (CMS's), these days we mostly build websites using either Drupal or WordPress.

Why these two CMS's, of the thousands of content management systems available? Both CMS's share several key qualities:

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