Facebook Pages Vs. Groups

In preparing an upcoming presentation for a client I found myself leafing through notes and google searches to get an exhaustive list of the different between Facebook Pages and Groups (I know the general difference, but wanted to make sure I was 100% prepared to answer all the ins outs of each, and always like to check in on the latest happenings at evolving beast that is Facebook). Here are two great posts that outline the differences between the two, if you've found yourself wondering which is best for you organization/cause/business:

Widen your circle of influence (on zero dollars a day)

I've been thinking a lot about resistance to social media at the institutional level -- and I use the term "social media" very broadly here, to include any web-based tools that facilitate participation by your constituents (AKA "users," though I have a love/hate relationship with that word) -- especially as it relates to our clients in the nonprofit world. We hear a lot of fears about incorporating social media tools, some of which include:

People Over Technology

As providers/builders/magicians of technology it is natural for our clients to come to us when they want to add new features to their websites. And while it's kind of our job to get the job done, I often find that I start out a conversation about adding "new feature x" with investigative questions about what the reasoning behind the new feature is and how it will be supported with internal resources.

Lessons from the Obama Campaign

Unsurprisingly, we're getting a lot of questions these days from our clients about how they can apply the online tools that helped Obama win the U.S. election. Typically clients come to us excited about one tool they thought Obama's team used particularly well, whether that's video, social media, email marketing, graphic design, or some other branch of the Obama web communications plan.

Social Networking and the US Election

Every US Presidential election over the last 8 years (so two Bush victories and fingers crossed for a Democratic shift) has led to some innovative uses of the web for political organizing and campaigning. Those activities south of the border ultimately impact how many of our non-profit and political clients use the web in the years to come. This time out is certainly no exception, and the Obama campaign has been doing an impressive job throughout the Primaries and now through the election campaign, with both the official Obama website and other affiliated online campaigning ventures.


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