A Hiatus for Emira

If you've spoken with us recently, or visited the office, you'll already be aware that my business partner Emira is beginning a new chapter in her life, as a mother. Her baby is due about two weeks from now (and yes, we do have a pool going, so feel free to chime in with your date picks), and Friday was her last day in the office for a while. She's taking a few months of maternity leave -- we're not yet sure how long she'll be away, and we're just going to leave it up to her to decide when she's ready to come back.

Raised Eyebrow Celebrates Ten Years

There’s a lot of birth talk around the office these days. On top of Emira’s rapidly approaching due date, I find the birth of a new year often turns one’s thoughts to past accomplishments and new beginnings.

Job Posting closes soon

Vacation’s only just over, but we are hitting the ground running here at Raised Eyebrow, and there are just two days left to apply for our Front-End Developer posting. If you’re passionate about clean code and building fabulous websites, and you’re looking for a position where you can learn from some of the best code artisans in town and work for clients who are making the world a better place, look no further.

We're hiring…

We're expanding our team here at Raised Eyebrow, and this time we're looking for a Front-End Developer/Themer -- someone who loves building websites, and is looking to extend their skills with Drupal and WordPress.

Beyond our roster of fantastic, progressive clients, we offer a positive & healthy work environment, beautifully remodeled heritage office space, and a team of web experts who love what we do and are keen to share knowledge and produce top-notch work.

Why Not Come Play With Us

Once again we have space available for sublease in our office. We're going through some changes here at the office which mean we're now offering a slightly different configuration from what we've offered in the past. We have two options available: either individual desk rental in our larger office space, or, if it suits your purposes better we also have an enclosed office available which would fit up to two people.  Details are below. I can't say enough about how lovely this building and the people in it are (plus we're kind of swell folks to be around too).

Exploring the Vancouver Arts Scene via Twitter

Between my personal background in -- and passion for -- music, and the fact that many of our nonprofit clients hail from the arts sector, I try to keep an eye on how arts groups are using social media to achieve their missions. In particular, lately I've been looking around on Twitter to see which Vancouver arts groups are doing interesting things in the Twitterverse.


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