Social Networking and the US Election

Every US Presidential election over the last 8 years (so two Bush victories and fingers crossed for a Democratic shift) has led to some innovative uses of the web for political organizing and campaigning. Those activities south of the border ultimately impact how many of our non-profit and political clients use the web in the years to come. This time out is certainly no exception, and the Obama campaign has been doing an impressive job throughout the Primaries and now through the election campaign, with both the official Obama website and other affiliated online campaigning ventures.

Blogging For Business

Please forgive the somewhat meta-title and topic of this post. I mean really, writing my first post on our new Raised Eyebrow blog about blogging. Isn't that just a little bit too self-involved? Perhaps, but I was sparked to write it by a question that came to me by email this morning from a friend. Specifically, she asked:


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