Why the unsubscribes?

It takes quite a bit of time and energy to create an email newsletter.  Writing the stories, putting the newsletter together, assembling and formatting the images, proofing the newsletter, and managing the distribution lists--the list of To Do's makes for quite a time investment. 

Listening with social media: What keywords should you track?

More and more of our clients are turning to us for advice on using social media to connect with their communities more deeply online. And for those who are just getting their feet wet with social media, we always counsel starting out by listening.

But how do you listen? Well, there are plenty of ways, but one of the simplest ways to get started is to set up a few Google Alerts to let you know when people are talking about you, your organization, and the issues you're working on.

Senior Managers: Five ways to spruce up your online program

Yesterday I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop with Jason Mogus from Communicopia called "Are You Web-Ready? Key Learnings in Working Online for Change." We convened a lively discussion about the qualities and skills that organizations need to make a bigger impact within the increasingly networked landscape in which we're all working.

Upcoming webby workshops for nonprofits

I'm pleased to be speaking at a pair of upcoming events aimed at nonprofit leaders, on a subject I'm passionate about: How nonprofits can cultivate stronger communities using online tools.

And before you ask, no, I won't be hyping up social media tools or telling you how to use Twitter. I will, however, be talking about how the social web can help your organization achieve its mission, extend its reach, and connect with allies and supporters (and critics!).


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