Social Media for Nonprofit Boards

Update: Our slide deck, and a full recording of this presentation, are now available for viewing - just scroll down to the end of this post. Like many of my colleagues here at Raised Eyebrow, I sit on a couple of nonprofit boards in my spare time - and one of the things that's been rewarding for me when I wear that hat is that I can br

Raised Eyebrow Webinars for Non-Profit Organizations

This September, we'll be starting a series of webinars on a variety topics for non-profit organizations. Each webinar will be approximately an hour long, including time allotted for questions, are open to anyone interested in the topic, and are free to attend. The topics are drawn from regular themes that emerge out of our strategy sessions with clients and workshops we've given on a smaller scale in the past. They will be presented by the partners at Raised Eyebrow, Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears.

Accessing Influence with Twitter

A lovely Twitter interaction happened to one our beloved colleagues/clients last week that exemplifies one of the things that I find most interesting and powerful about using Twitter at this moment in time: the low barrier to entry in terms of connections with spheres of influence.

In this particular instance, one of the owners of, Suzanne Siemens (@luna_gal), posted this tweet:

Email Newsletters: a) Not Dead, and b) Powerful.

Everyone I know (with the possible exception of a few members of my extended family who live in rural Ontario)  is overloaded with email. We complain that we get too much, we unsubscribe from seemingly endless lists, and we feel overwhelmed by inboxes that are bursting at the seams.

I'm ruthless about purging my inbox - anything that can be deleted, is. And I may well remove myself from one email list per day, at the rate I unsubscribe myself from things.


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