3 Month Check-ups for Your Website

We've recently started implementing 3 month follow-up meetings post a site/app/project launch with our clients as a formal part of our process (meaning it actually goes on the task list then turns into a meeting). I'm writing this post at a coffee shop, just a few minutes after completing one such review and reflecting on why we didn't implement this formally much sooner.

Why Working With Multiple Stakeholders Is Awesome

Last month I flew to DC to present at HOW Interactive on the topic of Enagaging Multiple Stakeholders in an Interactive Design Project. I had a great time presenting in Washington and in particular enjoyed the feedback and questions from the attendees. The topic is one that is near and dear to our hearts here at Raised Eyebrow, working as we do most of the time with non-profit organizations, which means also working with multiple stakeholders. 

An Alternative to Google Analytics

Working as we do with primarily non-profit organizations, we have a lot of clients who are concerned about data hosting on US based (or non-Canadian based) servers. Finding reliable and affordable Canadian Hosting isn't such a challenge, as we've mentioned before we love EZP, but a number of the third party tools that we use to help with reporting and efficiencies for our clients are US based. In particular, we run into this issue for Web Statistics and for Email Newsletter services. 

Ready or not - the new Facebook timeline format

Although we haven't mentioned non-profit tech guru Beth Kanter much here in the past (in fact I checked – we did only once and it was in 2008) her blog is definitely one that's always on our radar. Beth is a frequent contributor to nonprofit technology websites, blogs and magazines and she knows her stuff. So when Beth talks, we should all listen!

Social Media Lessons from A Local Donut Merchant

There's a great thing happening in my neck of the woods in Vancouver these days, there's a new small business that is enjoying stratospheric success. Cartems Donuts is a lovely small business, started up by three friends, that sells what are frankly insanely delicious donuts using locally supplied ingredients in flavours like Earl Grey, coconut, vegan chocolate and gluten free vanilla. And, as I say, they are super yummy.

Social Media Tune-up: Losing the Thread

While preparing for a presentation I gave to Strathcona BIA members earlier this week, I was speaking with a local small business owner about his Social Media use and how it has helped to support his business. We don't usually talk much about business on this blog, Lauren and I tend to save that for our The Boss of You blog, but the lessons that arose from this conversation are just as relevant to non-profit organizations.


2 Big Wins for our Clients at CUPE's Communications Awards

Woo-hoo! We've just learned that two websites we launched this year have won at the 2011 CUPE Communications Awards!

HEU.org screenshot

CUPE's awards celebrate top-notch communications in the labour sector, so we are thrilled to see two of our union clients - the Hospital Employees' Union and CUPE Local 79 - be recognized for their websites.


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