Browser Version and Settings

When a client comes to me with a website issue, a question I've learned to ask well before approaching the development team is "What browser are you using, what version do you have and what settings are configured". We need that information to try and recreate the issue before we can even begin to troubleshoot it.


BC Candidate Lookup plugin for Citizens Connected

In anticipation of the upcoming provincial election we were looking for ways to help organizations who want to target email campaigns at electoral candidates.

In parternship with OpenNorth we inputted candidate data which then became available to us as part of the fantastic opennorth API. From that point it was just a matter of tweaking our federal mp lookup plugin to consume it.

More automation with Drush shebang shell scripting

Last weekend our dev team attended the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. We had a blast, we nerded out about Foundation and we learned a lot (especially about SCSS and Compass). We were taking furious notes and we can expect some big changes to come to our Cogito Foundation theme in the coming weeks. 



This is a post in a series about some new tools we've been folding into our workflow here at Raised Eyebrow. 

I'll give you a scenario: You've got a client who needs a change NOW but wants to vet the change before it goes live.

RE Apache SOLR Extras module on Github

This is another small Drupal module that was developed to satisfy a single requirement. In this case, the requirement was to allow the creation of Apache SOLR cores via the Drupal administration backend. We developed a site cloning tool for a client using the Aegir project, and each cloned site required its own individual Apache SOLR search, which in turn meant setting up an individual core for each individual site. Setting up individual cores can be a tricky process and this module provides a simple interface for creating the cores.

Getting control of YouTube via Javascript

Recently I was trying to write a WordPress slideshow plugin that would include YouTube videos. The challenge was that when I play the video I want to pause the slide. On regular picture slides I just needed to add a click() event listener to the slide object and attach a call to pause jQueryCycle.

Prevent client frustration by reducing downtime

We've all been there, the phone rings and suddenly it's panic stations. A client site is down, they're panicing and are very upset, and we have to drop everything to find out what's happening. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it puts the client and the whole dev team in a spin. It certainly not predictable, it's somewhat preventable, and it's completely frustrating.

Better Questions, Better Websites: Free event for Vancouver web designers

I'm excited to have been invited to speak to the Vancouver Webdesign Meetup group this week on a topic that's close to my heart: Asking better questions. In this talk, I go beyond widgets and code, and deeper than site architecture and design - to the root of what drives human interaction, and should drive technology decisions as well: function, meaning, delight and evolution.

The event takes place Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00 pm. More details here.


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