Why Working With Multiple Stakeholders Is Awesome

Last month I flew to DC to present at HOW Interactive on the topic of Enagaging Multiple Stakeholders in an Interactive Design Project. I had a great time presenting in Washington and in particular enjoyed the feedback and questions from the attendees. The topic is one that is near and dear to our hearts here at Raised Eyebrow, working as we do most of the time with non-profit organizations, which means also working with multiple stakeholders. 

Teaching Drupal at UBC

I've always loved teaching. In my 20's I taught guitar to anyone who wanted to learn. I've never been quite sure why I loved it so much. It may be that I'm good with people, having been a musical performer for many years. It may be seeing the satisfaction in a student's face when they finally 'get it'. So when Emira approched me a few weeks back about a request she'd had from UBC in regards to teaching a Drupal course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Events & Speaking

At Raised Eyebrow, we're passionate about sharing our knowledge with our clients and the broader community. Our specialty is connecting people heart-to-heart through technology - demystifying technology for leaders, staff and volunteers, and helping you communicate your message, achieve your mission, and mobilize your community online. Through educational events, speaking engagements and workshops that we tailor to your specific organization or group, we offer an uncommon blend of down-to-earth advice, intelligence, good humour, creativity and practical insights.


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