Drupal Coda Book

I'd been itching to try out Coda as my development tool, and their recent 3 day sale meant I got a copy for $45. It's pretty good so far, I have a couple of issues with it that I'll cover in a later post. One really nice thing about it is the Books feature. This allows you to add reference material to your Coda development environment and search it without having to go to a browser.

Drupal 6 module's page unresponsive

Discovered a very upsetting scenario today while building out a Drupal 6 site. If you have the Update module enabled and drupal.org goes down your module admin page at <a href="http://www.example.com/admin/build/modules">www.example.com/admin/build/modules[/geshifilter-code] stops responding. Why? I think it's because somewhere in the Update module is a call to updates.drupal.org.

Views random sort not working

Recently we developed a simple view that used a random sort to pull one node of a certain content type on each page visit. This is easy to set up and provides satisfactory results. We set it up, logged out, refreshed the page and it didn't work. The first load was random, but any refresh after that resulted in the same node. Frustrated as to why this was happening I went digging in the view, then in the theming, and after about an hour debugging, realized that site caching was enabled. So that's a bit of a problem,

Displaying Webform results in a block

We use the webform module for most of our form needs on our client sites. It's a pretty good module that provides most of the functionality required. The most important part of the webforms module is the submission data. The reason for the form in the first place is to gather data that can be analyzed and then acted on. Webform has a results area where you can view all the submitted data, analyze it, download it and export it.

Search Engine Friendly URL's and Drupal - Part 2

In my previous post I showed you how to set the friendly URL for each page/piece of content on your site. Hand curating can be fun, but it's also time consuming and requires a little thought. It can also be a little cumbersome when you have a long title, like the title of this post. In steps the Path Auto module to save the day.

Welcome Back, Chris!

Re-reading the title for this post, the theme song for Welcome Back, Kotter pops unbidden into my head. In some ways maybe it's an appropriate reference, because we have brought back to the fold a smart, beloved, and drily witty colleague, Chris Torgalson, after a year-long stint at grad school in Belgium. (That being said, the parallels pretty much end there...


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