Show top level terms in a term type view

I recently needed to create a view of type "Term" that displayed taxonomy terms and their description for a certain vocabulary.

The setup for that was quite simple

  • Create a view of type "Term"
  • Add an argument of Vocabulary ID
  • Add a field of  "Term Name" and another of "Term Description"
  • Add a filter of "Vocabulary" and select the vocabularies you want to restrict to

This gives a nice simple view of all terms belonging to a single vocabulary when the vocabulary id is passed as an argument.

DrupalCon Sessions to help you manage your business

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 is just around the corner and Raised Eyebrow hopes to "own the podium", sorry I couldn't resist. Chris and I have been to 2 Drupalcon's so far in our Drupal lifetime, and have decided it is time to give something back. We've come up with 2 Session Proposals that are overviews about how we used Drupal to create two killer applications for managing a small Web Business.


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