Text message your Drupal site

In May, while speaking at and attending the Make Web Not War conference in Vancouver, I met up with Adam Kalsey from Tropo and attended his talk outlining how his messaging service, called Tropo, can be integrated with Drupal. I came away with tons of ideas on how to use this service to do neat things with Drupal. I decided to start with some low hanging fruit.

Accessing node flagged status in a Drupal 7 theme

I was recently working on a Drupal 7 project which required updating an Image style on a node based on whether or a flag was set or not.

The Requirements

The specific context was that the nodes were biography nodes and each biography had an image attached. The requirement was to give editors the ability to allow certain bio's to display a large or small version of an uploaded image.

Using Droptor to better serve our Drupal clients

We work hard to streamline our processes here at Raised Eyebrow. We've come a long way since I was the sole developer and using FTP to install Drupal 4.x sites. One thing that's always been difficult to manage is ensuring that all of our Drupal sites have the most recent security updates installed. Given that fact that last year alone we launched over 30 websites and so far this year we've had 20 launches, keeping track of which sites need updates can quickly become difficult to manage.

Surrey Drupal Meetup

Just last night I gave a talk at the Surrey Drupal Meetup. The topic was "How to use template.php to power your Drupal themes". I became aware that most beginner themers have no idea that everything you need to create and start a theme is available in Drupal core. Download and opening files in themes like Zen can be a little overwhelming for a beginner so in some cases it's better off to build it yourself from the ground up.


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