Teaching Drupal at UBC

I've always loved teaching. In my 20's I taught guitar to anyone who wanted to learn. I've never been quite sure why I loved it so much. It may be that I'm good with people, having been a musical performer for many years. It may be seeing the satisfaction in a student's face when they finally 'get it'. So when Emira approched me a few weeks back about a request she'd had from UBC in regards to teaching a Drupal course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Building the DataPublic DataSet Feature

We recently launched a Drupal distro called DataPublic. I mentioned in the announcement blog post that it was probably the largest codebase we had worked on at Raised Eyebrow, and that's accurate. The number of custom modules, contrib modules and themes used was definitely up there with some of the largest sites we've built for clients.

Using oEmbed to deliver video thumbnails in Drupal

We've gone to great lengths over the past few years to create a smooth workflow for allowing clients to insert video on their Drupal sites. We're currently working on a Drupal distribution which needs a really straightforward way for embedding video, one that can be achieved by any type of user.

When we first meet with clients we give them two options for video:

Our Help Manual

The lack of user documentation for open-source projects, like Wordpress and Drupal the two Content Management Systems we develop in most frequently at Raised Eyebrow, is a known issue. While a thriving user base and a good google search can often turn up answers to questions not addressed in documentation for a development team, that's not really a viable solution for end-users, in our case clients who are simply trying to maintain and manage their websites.

RE Apache SOLR Extras module on Github

This is another small Drupal module that was developed to satisfy a single requirement. In this case, the requirement was to allow the creation of Apache SOLR cores via the Drupal administration backend. We developed a site cloning tool for a client using the Aegir project, and each cloned site required its own individual Apache SOLR search, which in turn meant setting up an individual core for each individual site. Setting up individual cores can be a tricky process and this module provides a simple interface for creating the cores.


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