When Emira and Lauren decided to start a new web design company, they knew there were a few qualities that set the firm apart:

  • They were small - just two people - and had no plans for big growth.
  • As consultants, they took an inquiry-based, consultative approach to their work, and liked to ask clients probing questions in order to ensure our work was effective and high-impact.
  • They were women. (At the time - and still today, to some extent - that was pretty unique in the male-dominated tech industry.)

So when Emira and Lauren sat down to find a name for their new enterprise, they did some brainstorming and word-association around these three qualities. They knew they wanted something that hinted at their gender without being overtly feminine (no “webgrrls” or “digital sisters”, thanks anyway), that was memorable, and - critically for any digital business - for which an easy-to-remember domain name was available.

One of the images that sprang to mind was the archetypal “dame” of film noir fame - picture Bacall in The Big Sleep - whose banter with the fedora-sporting detective exhibited intelligence, curiosity and wit. As soon as that idea surfaced, the phrase “raised eyebrow” floated up, and it was seized upon. “Web Studio” soon followed - as they liked the way “studio” evoked craftsmanship, and a small-scale, boutique sensibility - and once a quick domain search confirmed that raisedeyebrow.com was available, the rest was, as they say, history.