Our decision to focus on open-source technologies stems from several advantages that open-source projects offer:

  • Flexibility: Open-source CMSs can be extended and customized to a nearly infinite extent. Their core functionality is only a fraction of what they are capable of, and skilled developers are able to extend the software’s capabilities to meet specialized needs.
  • The power of crowdsourcing: Because Drupal and WordPress have such large communities of developers, improvements are being made every single day to their code base. Many hands make light work - and many eyes are quick to identify & remedy security risks. When you choose a widely adopted open-source CMS, you can be sure there is a crowd of thousands working around the clock to ensure the software is always improving.
  • Community: When you select an open-source CMS, you are not locked down to a particular vendor, because the community of developers spans the globe. While we would love you to work with us at Raised Eyebrow, we like the fact that open-source options give our clients the freedom to take their business elsewhere if they prefer, without having to abandon their CMS platform.
  • No licensing fees: Because the software is free, it is an affordable and appealing option, particularly for nonprofits and other budget-conscious organizations.
  • Openness: Philosophically, open-source projects appeal strongly to our sense of openness, fairness and inclusivity. We’re proponents of open access to information - that’s one of the reasons we work on the web - and open-source software is consistent with that value.

Our developers are regular contributors to and participants in both the local and the larger Drupal and WordPress communities, attending regular conferences as presenters and participants. They are experienced in highly customized Drupal and WordPress installations and best practices, and are also highly skilled at custom module & plugin development when required.

Opening up our code

We make every effort to actively publish any code we feel will benefit others in the development community. As a rule we try to push every piece of new functionality back out into the open thus allowing others to use it and improve on it. Follow links below to see some of our recent contributions to the open-source community: