Redesigning Your Website? What You Need to Know

person sketching a site mapUpdate: Our slide deck, and a full recording of this presentation, are now available for viewing - just scroll down to the end of this post. So, it's the thirteenth time you've come up against the limitations of your current website, and you feel like you're hitting your head against a not-very-forgiving wall. Maybe it can't support multimedia the way you want it to. Or you really need an events calendar, but you've been hacking your blog as a sort of workaround that doesn't really cut the mustard. Or hey - maybe it just looks dated, and that shade of yellow you all loved five years ago is looking tired. You know it's time for a redesign. But where do you start? We have a few ideas. We've redesigned hundreds of websites (literally), and we'd love to share some of what we've learned with you. So we've put together a one-hour webinar jam-packed with tips on how to corral your team, clarify your needs, and set the stage for a successful redesign project. As usual, we will bring our expertise in working with nonprofits & public sector clients to the table, so if you fit into that category, this will be particularly relevant - but the lessons apply to any organization, large or small. Like our other webinars, there will be about 45 minutes of us (that's me & Emira) talking, with 15 minutes at the end for questions - and there will also be opportunities during the initial 45 minutes for you to ask questions as we go. We solemnly pledge, by the way, that this session is not a sales pitch. Although we'd love to work with you on a redesign, this webinar will be helpful regardless of who you choose to work with.

You’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask yourself & your team
  • Who within your organization to involve in the process
  • How to write a better RFP

Webinar Details

Redesigning Your Website? What You Need to Know Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011 Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT Register now - space is limited!

Update: Slide Deck & Recording

You can also download a full-length recording of the webinar (this is a screencast of the one-hour session, including slides and audio, in WMV format - which works in both Windows Media Player and Quicktime for Macs). Right-click on that link to download a copy to your computer, or simply click it to view it in your browser.